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Family First General Practice

Billing Policy & Fees

The bulk bill is only for kids under 16 years of age and the Hc card/pensioners concession rate is only at 09:00 to 16:45 M-F only, other times they pay private billing fee.
All other consultations are privately billed.
PRIVATE BILLING for all consultations including above  FROM 5PM  to  CLOSE  on  WEEKDAYS AND ALL WEEKENDS 
The following billing applies to other patients
Level Our Fee Medicare Rebate Gap
A 65 16.95 37.95
B 85 37.05 37.95
C 125 71.70 37.95
D 165 105.55 37.95
Cancellation fee applies if you make the booking and did not cancel 2 hours before the appointment
Procedures attract different fees–ask reception staff for these fees.